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Earwig Pest Control Treatments in Lehi, Eagle Mountain, and Other Utah County Communities

Don’t wait until masses of earwigs have damaged your landscaping before calling for pest control services near you. Contact H2 Pest Control today for same-day treatments that protect your property from earwigs now and in the future along with other pests that ruin your peace of mind.

Protecting Your Garden, Home or Business from Earwigs

Because they are nocturnal pests, you may not see earwigs during the day. But the damage they cause, especially to garden plants and landscaping may be hard to miss. This may be eaten areas on the leaves, flowers, or stems of a plant, but some earwigs go deeper and eat and destroy the plant’s roots, killing the entire plant itself.

Earwigs have an elongated shape with a reddish-brown color and are recognized most commonly by the small pincers at the back of their bodies. They may pinch humans as a form of defense, but it will only feel like a mild pinch. Earwigs tend to stay outdoors, feeding on those prized plants you’ve been tending to. They especially love wet habitats, making them more abundant after a particularly wet spring and into the summer months.

Keeping a dry border around your home or business will help prevent earwigs from taking shelter inside during hot or cold weather. They tend to stay hidden in bushes, weeds, or other plant life that rests along the outside walls of your home. Sealing small holes and cracks in a building’s foundation can help dissuade earwigs from invading. However, for the best protection, regular pesticide barriers should be sprayed around your property before those wet months in the year.

Earwig Pest Removal from H2 Pest Control

For effective earwig control treatments and pesticides, contact H2 Pest Control, serving Eagle Mountain, Lehi, and surrounding Utah counties. With our pest control company, you can expect:

  • Same-day treatments: The only thing worse than a pest infestation is one that can’t be eradicated quickly. That’s why H2 pest control offers same-day pest control treatments to remove the problem as soon as possible. Our technicians will arrive quickly to inspect your home or commercial property for any of those cracks and entry points earwigs may use. After sealing those properly, we will apply treatments and sprays for keeping pests out and removing the ones already inside.
  • Eco friendly earwig control: Keep earwigs away without putting your family or pets in danger of coming across toxic treatments. H2 Pest Control exclusively uses environmentally friendly sprays and treatments that provide the strong pest barrier you want that’s free of dangerous chemicals.
  • Experienced pest control technicians: Each of our certified specialists stay up-to-date on the latest trainings and pest control practices to provide you with the best service possible. Your satisfaction is our top priority. If our initial earwig control treatment doesn’t leave your home or business completely pest free, we will come re-service the property at no extra charge!

Get in touch with H2 Pest Control to schedule your free inspection and same-day earwig control treatments! Keep these and other pests out of your Utah home or business with our effective and eco-friendly solutions.