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Vole Control in Eagle Mountain, Lehi, and all of Utah County

Have you seen small mouse-like rodents scurrying about in your yard? Or do you have plants, grass or trees that die out of the blue? Your property might be infested with voles.

What Are Some Differences Between Voles and Mice?

Voles are often mistaken for mice because of their similar appearance. But voles have a stockier build than common house mice and smaller tails and ears. They also rarely are spotted inside houses or buildings, preferring an outdoor environment where they can stick to their diet of plants and burrow into the ground. You may notice trails for their underground tunnels by sections of dead grass above. Voles are notorious for eating root vegetables and plant bulbs. They will eat the roots of plants to, destroy yards, gardens, and beautiful landscaping.

Because they don’t hibernate in the winter, voles keep multiplying throughout the entire year allowing their population to skyrocket quickly. If that population carries harmful diseases, they can become an even greater problem, not just to your yard but to your health. The sooner you call for vole removal the better!

Vole Removal and Vole Control Treatments from H2 Pest Control

Call H2 Pest Control for fast response, same-day vole control services. We serve Lehi UT, Eagle Mountain UT, and other cities in Utah County, providing complete vole removal promptly. When you hire our vole pest control, you can expect:

  • Great service from certified experts: Our pest control technicians are certified to treat your home or commercial property for voles and other pests. We know the best techniques and traps for catching voles and keeping them off your property long-term. We’re considerate of your schedule, coming right when you need us to properly protect your yard and belongings with the utmost care.
  • Non-toxic vole treatments: Outdoor furniture, landscaping, and the environment won’t be harmed with H2 Pest Control’s eco-friendly vole control. We remove all voles humanely then spray a barrier specifically designed to prevent more vole infestations. None of our vole treatments leave toxic residues or odors to keep you and your family safe and your lawn vole-free.
  • Hassle-free vole control: Not only will H2 Pest Control begin vole control treatment the day you call us, but we’ll keep coming back until the problem is solved. We offer vole pest control re-servicing at no extra charge.

Don’t wait! Contact H2 Pest Control today to remove voles in your Lehi, Eagle Mountain, or Utah County yard. Effective, same-day vole control is only a call away!