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Rodent Control and Removal Services in Lehi UT, Eagle Mountain UT, and Surrounding Utah County

When you notice rodents scurrying around your house or commercial property, call for same-day rodent control services from H2 Pest Control. Left alone, a rodent infestation can become more than just a nuisance. Rodents are notorious for damaging yards and landscaping, chewing holes in walls, and even chewing electrical wires to create a fire hazard. Keep your property and your loved ones safe with our professional rodent control!

Common Signs of Rodents to Watch For

Not only can rodents cause damage to your property, but they can also be a health hazard carrying harmful diseases. This is another reason why complete, professional rodent control is so important. DIY traps may remove a few rodents, but won’t get at the heart of the infestation where the rodents have been.

When you begin seeing signs of rodents, don’t hesitate to call our rodent exterminators and rodent control specialists. Some indications that you have rodents roaming about are scratching sounds coming from walls and ceilings, or rodent droppings in cupboards, pantries, garages, etc. You may also notice gnaw or scratch marks and musty odors.

Depending on the rodent, you may see other signs of an infestation particular to that specific species. Mice, for example, may build nests out of debris in the walls of your home, while voles may dig up subterranean holes in your yard. Common rodents we treat for in Eagle Mountain, Lehi, and other parts of Utah County include:

Each rodent comes with its own set of problems and needs its specific treatment. But H2 Pest Control knows what those best treatments are to make your property completely rodent-free.

Eco Friendly and Effective Rodent Control from H2 Pest Control

For the best rodent control that removes all traces of rodents in your Utah home or business, and protects it with rodent repellent barriers, contact H2 Pest Control. What else can H2 Pest Control offer you?

  • Same-day rodent removal: Get rid of a mouse, vole, or other rodent problem sooner with H2 Pest Control’s same-day service. We’ll get someone over to your commercial or residential property promptly before any rodents cause expensive damage to your home or business.
  • Personalized treatments: As mentioned above, every rodent is different and so is every property. We’ll give your home or business a thorough inspection, removing rodents entirely and sealing up holes where they may try to enter in. We’ll treat your property with repellents and sprays that are tailored to your specific rodent problem and your property’s areas of concern.
  • Safe for the environment, safe for your family: The treatments we use for our rodent removal and rodent control are all environmentally friendly. We do this to protect the natural surroundings, but also to protect pets, children, and other loved ones from being exposed to dangerous aromas or toxic residue.
  • Certified rodent control technicians: H2 Pest Control’s great service is brought to you by trained and certified professionals who are continually improving and refining their rodent control practices. If you are completely satisfied with your service, we’ll come back and re-service your property for free.

Get in touch with H2 Pest Control for comprehensive rodent control and rodent removal in Lehi, Eagle Mountain, and other Utah County locations. Whether you’re dealing with rats, mice, voles, gophers, or other rodents, we’re the experts to call for the best rodent control service guaranteed.