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Scorpion Control in Eagle Mountain, Lehi, and Utah County

Large or small, no one ever wants to find a scorpion lurking in the corners of their home. Not every scorpion’s sting is poisonous, but they are painful and sometimes can cause health complications for young children.

Where am I most likely to find scorpions?

Scorpions can enter your home through small cracks and holes. If not sealed properly, your property could invite in swarms of scorpions. You may find scorpions in search of food in closed pantries or cupboards, rarely visited storage rooms, basements, attics, garages, and even inside boxes or plumbing.

It’s hard to detect scorpions because they are so quiet and blend in with lightly colored stone or soil. They may become increasingly prevalent during colder months when seeking shelter, warmth, or other pests that have made your way into your home.

Scorpion Removal from H2 Pest Control

Get the scorpion control treatment that your home or business in Utah County needs from H2 Pest Control. What can you expect from our exceptional pest control services?

  • Same-day scorpion removal: At the first sign of scorpions, give H2 Pest Control a call! Our team will stop by your home or business the day you call us to remove any scorpions and begin scorpion treatment for long-lasting protection. You and your family won’t even need to leave the property what with our safe products that don’t leave toxic odors behind.
  • Complete home protection: Sealing up a few holes here and there won’t keep scorpions out for good. The H2 Pest Control team will not only locate and seal scorpion entry points, but also put up protective barriers. We know that for the most effective scorpion control, different treatments are necessary for different areas of your home. We’ll apply those treatments, and even offer year-round service for complete protection from scorpions in and around your home.
  • Licensed scorpion control experts: Our scorpion control specialists are certified, licensed, and experienced at what they do. They know where to look for scorpions you may have missed and where to apply which treatments for total control. If you still have scorpion problems, we’ll re-service your home for free!

Get in touch with H2 Pest Control today, serving Lehi, Eagle Mountain, and other Utah County communities with commercial and residential scorpion control. Learn more about our scorpion treatments, or schedule your free home inspection!