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Silverfish Pest Control in Eagle Mountain, Lehi, and All of Utah County

Small pests like silverfish can be hard to catch, but necessary to stop before they populate into a full-blown infestation. For that, there’s H2 Pest Control, providing some of the best pest control in Eagle Mountain, Lehi, and other Utah County locations.

Where Would I Find Silverfish in My Home?

Silverfish have flat, thin, and tapered bodies that slightly resemble a fish with their silver scales. They are fast crawlers and generally only come out at night, making them difficult to notice. The sooner you do notice these pests, though, the sooner you can prevent a larger infestation before they begin laying eggs around your house.

This could be in any room, although common areas to find silverfish are dark, warm, and moist areas. Good places to start looking for silverfish are humid spots in your home or business, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms or exposed hot water piping.

Silverfish also are known to eat paper and may hide away in musty bookshelves or books and files left in cardboard storage boxes. In many cases, silverfish make their way into homes in the first place by stowing away into boxes when moving. Newly built homes may see even more silverfish that are attracted to the fresh, sometimes humid wood and other building materials.

Beyond ruining your book collection, silverfish can cause loads of other damage to your belongings and property. That may include wallpaper, carpet fibers, upholstery, and other fabrics. Before they get the chance to cause damage, put a stop to silverfish with help from pest control experts near you.

Effective Silverfish Removal and Prevention from H2 Pest Control

For business and homeowners in Utah County, H2 Pest Control offers affordable pest control services that target and remove all traces of silverfish from your property. Call or contact us for same-day service from a skilled and experienced pest control team serving Lehi, Eagle Mountain, and surrounding areas.

  • Safe treatments and insecticides: A potential silverfish infestation is enough to worry about without leaving dangerous residues behind. Pest control treatments from H2 Pest Control are eco-friendly solutions that aren’t toxic like so many other insecticides. This way, you get the protection you need minus the potentially harmful odors or residue.
  • Targeted treatments for silverfish: Our technicians understand that every pest is different and responds differently to particular pesticides over others. That’s why when you have a silverfish problem, we use unique solutions specifically for silverfish. No matter the pest, we will create tailored pest control treatments to target the pests found on your property for more effective results.
  • Complete customer satisfaction: We won’t stop until your home is totally pest-free. To ensure that, we offer our customers a free re-service appointment if you aren’t completely satisfied with the results after our initial pest control services.

Schedule a free property inspection today with the experts at H2 Pest Control! Let us provide your Utah home or business with the silverfish control it needs throughout the entire year. Call today for same-day silverfish service!